How to Choose the Right Board Member

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The appropriate board member can make an enormous difference to the success of your managing an existing team of employees company. The board of directors is the face of your business, and the actions of the directors can have a significant impact on the work you do. If a member of your board becomes difficult to reach, fails to attend meetings, or exhibits an egregious discord with your company’s values or the rest of the board, it might be time to reconsider replacing the person.

A good board member is someone who believes in the mission of your organization. The passion for the issues that your non-profit addresses will keep board members involved even after the initial excitement has faded. They should also have some level of organizational or business competence and be aware of the principles of good business practices.

Make sure you have a board of people who are different in age, ethnicity, skills and experience. This will provide your board with diversity and allow you to present different perspectives to your leaders. Board members must be able to play devil’s advocate and examine assumptions, even if those assumptions are based on their own personal experiences.

Ask potential board members to tell you how much time they’re willing to dedicate to the work of your board as well as the work of its committees. Many who express an interest in joining a board are unaware of the commitment required and might not be able to perform the job effectively. During the process of vetting make sure you find other commitments that may interfere their ability to serve on your board.

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