How to Have a Great Board Meeting

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There is no doubt that running a board meeting can be a long and frustrating job. If your meetings lack focus, structure or enthusiasm, it could cost you in terms of missed opportunities and decreased productivity. If you’re looking to hold a a great board meeting, there are a few easy steps you can do to ensure that your directors are participating actively.

At a minimum, once a year Review Your Meetings

One of the most effective methods to improve your meetings is by collecting feedback. After one or two of your meetings each year, have your board members take two sticky notes with them and write a “+” to indicate which parts of the meeting were effective and a “-” for areas which could be improved. Then, ask them to stick the notes on a poster that they can hang on the door of the meeting and let everyone identify what needs to changed.

Manage Your Time

Keep your meetings as short as you can so that you have enough time for genuine discussions and decision making. Do not be enticed by the idea of including lengthy reports and “have to” items in your agenda. Instead of discussing the details that has already been circulated in your board’s book, consider breaking it into smaller topics for discussion or allowing your directors to conduct their own research before coming to the meeting with questions ready to discuss.

Board meetings can also be a chance to increase the team’s enthusiasm and motivate them to take the group to take action. Include “mission moments” to the meeting, where your board members will listen to testimonials and stories about the impact your company has on the lives of people. This is a great motivational boost for the group.

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