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Board meeting tools boost efficiency of the organization by offering a range of benefits that help ensure productive conversations, efficient meetings, and clear action items. These tools allow teams to make informed choices and meet revenue goals by fostering an environment of collaborative note-taking, effective communication and a thorough discussion.

Many of these tools for board management offer a central repository for all meeting documents and materials which makes it easier for team members to access materials in advance of a meeting and during a meeting. Using these tools, it is also possible for board directors to distribute relevant reading materials before the meeting date and to set prior to the meeting actions to ensure that all attendees are prepared with full context.

These platforms are designed to facilitate meeting planning and to reduce the time required to prepare meetings. They offer features such as meeting agenda creation, document management and eSignature functionality. They also integrate with popular videoconferencing apps for online collaboration that is easy during meetings. Many of these tools also have features that permit team members to create clear and concise minutes that are easy to comprehend.

ZipDo for instance changes the method of recording notes and shared with boards by allowing real-time note-taking during meetings with the option for group alterations as well as a system of categorization. The software is also compatible with most major productivity and calendar apps. It also allows remote access and helps to comply with governance policies.

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