Board Management Software – An Investment That Pays For Itself

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Board management software is an app or website designed to support a board of directors and administrators by providing secure access to digital meeting materials. Also known as a “board portal,” this technology is an important tool that can help enhance governance and improve efficiency at the board level. Many believe it’s a costly addition to an office. In reality, it’s a cost which pays off in the form of enhanced efficiency and more efficient procedures.

A top-quality board portal has a variety of pricing that range from free to expensive depending on the features the platform includes and the requirements of your business. Generally, paid solutions will include subscription costs and additional costs for additional features and customizations. However, the cost is considerably lower than the conventional method of printing and mailing meeting documents. This can save you money over time on administrative costs, printing and material costs.

Govenda, a Diligent brand, offers a low-cost, feature-rich board governance software that is optimized for nonprofits, community healthcare institutions, higher education institutions and credit unions. The software comes with the tools, insights, and analysis needed to increase efficiency at any point of the governance cycles.

With a safe, central storage area for all meeting management materials, the software eliminates the requirement to send sensitive information via email, and decreases the risk of data breaches. The software assists in more effective meetings by providing easy to use tools for taking notes and sharing them, creating polls and surveys, as well as giving participants the ability to electronically sign legal documents.

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