Using a Board Meeting Schedule to Maximize Your Time Together

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A board meeting agenda is a guide to help keep your meetings on the right track and productive. When it comes to maximising the time your board members can spend together, substance is more important than style.

Start with a call-to- start the meeting and a welcome from the facilitator or the chair of the board to officially start your meeting. The next step could be to approve the previous meeting’s minutes or the financial report. It is also possible to review the latest committee reports or perform administrative tasks. It’s a good idea, following that, you should reserve some time for discussions on strategic planning and other governance issues. You could also consider having an executive session for sensitive or sensitive topics if that is permitted by the organization’s bylaws as well as applicable laws.

Take your time and listen carefully at every point. If you have browse around this Comprehensive Comparison of Data Room Software in 2024 questions or concerns regarding the presentation in any way make sure you raise concerns and allow your fellow board members to respond. Be careful not to get side-tracked and discuss new discussion subjects that don’t belong on the agenda. This can waste valuable meeting time and distract from the most important topics on your board’s agenda. You can avoid this by adding a “parking area” item at the bottom of your agenda. This allows you to schedule random topics to a later time.

The last thing to do is make sure you send your board with an agenda at least a week prior the meeting. This will allow everyone ample time to review and plan for the meeting. It’s also a great idea to include the meeting agenda with any supporting documents that board members will need to be able to fully understand the topic in question.

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