Preparing For Your Board Meeting

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Preparing for your board meeting is a vital task that may seem overwhelming particularly if you’re new to the board or have no experience in board meetings. Being prepared for your board meeting can help ensure that you receive important insights and guidance from experienced leaders and strategic counsel. The first step is ensuring that everyone on the board is familiar with the agenda and have read the relevant documents.

The next step is to establish the meeting’s goals that will guide your board’s discussion and decision-making. Reviewing the minutes of your last meeting will help you determine what improvements were achieved and what needs to be discussed.

Be deliberate in selecting your meeting’s agenda items. Your board will be able to run the meeting more efficiently if they prioritize the most important issues first. This will also help avoid the meeting becoming stuck with the less important items. Additionally, make sure each agenda item is clearly framed as a chance to seek or provide information and not just to decide.

Also, make sure to forward your agenda to the board early enough so to allow everyone ample time to read and review it. This is especially important for physical or virtual meetings which require the participation of a quorum. Check in with the members of the executive team responsible for reporting and ensure they have the required materials.

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