The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Systems

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A comprehensive document management plan is a crucial step in optimizing your business processes, and boosting your business’s competitiveness. It’s not as easy as flipping a button and ensuring everyone accepts the change. You’ll have to help everyone understand how integrating your processes based on documents can boost their efficiency and productivity.

An EDMS can eliminate the need for physical files to be saved, managed and returned. This lets your team make use of storage space and other resources that could be used elsewhere. It also reduces the risk of lost or misplaced paper files.

Many EDMS platforms also are platform agnostic, allowing teams to collaborate using desktops or mobile devices, without risking the integrity of data, document management or access to content. They also provide real-time monitoring capabilities that are easy to comprehend and allow you to view how your document-driven processes are performing at a 10,000-foot height.

A EDMS will also automatically maintain copies of every iteration an document throughout its lifecycle. This is essential for ensuring compliance with the law and retention of documents. It will also enable the imposing of an official hold on certain files that prevents them from being deleted or modified until the hold is lifted. This is a major advantage over the DIY method of managing documents that many businesses employ using file-sharing applications like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box that could become inadequate for a growing and demanding business that demands the most robust control of files and indexing capabilities.

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