Business Development and Cyber Technologies

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Business development and cyber technologies are a pair of practices that help organizations grow and succeed. However, companies must implement these systems and practices cautiously and with a sense of urgency, since they are subject to cyberattacks.

Business Development

A major aspect of business development is looking for new opportunities, building and maintaining connections with customers, entering strategic partnerships, and preparing plans to boost profits. These initiatives may touch virtually every department in a company, from sales to marketing to human resources.

The right team is also crucial for the success of business development. Successful teams are typically defined by leadership abilities driven, vision and drive and also the capacity to work with diverse people. They can clarify points, establish reasonable deadlines, control resources efficiently, and monitor progress to ensure prompt completion. They must also conduct themselves with the highest standards of morality and honesty and ensure the confidentiality.


With the rapid advancements in technology federal agencies have to constantly alter their cybersecurity strategies to keep up. Technologies that enhance the user experience may expose organizations to increased risks, such as data breaches and malicious actions. Consequently, the government must make sure that it is balancing new technology deployments with proper risk-taking and training for its employees.

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