What is Norton Safe Search?

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Norton safe search is a tool that can be installed in the internet browser of the user of a computer. It tells a user if a website is safe before clicking on it. This helps them avoid sites that could contain malware or phishing attacks to your personal information or computer. Norton safe search is part of Symantec’s Norton security suite.

This software application is a no-cost web security tool that can help people stay clear of harmful websites and also ensure their online identities secure. It makes use of Norton Safe Web technology to assess websites in accordance with their safety level and it also warns users about dangerous websites that may be made up of phishing scams or other malware that is high-risk. It functions as an extension for the browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

It utilizes a combination of signature-based data scans, behavioral detection and install/uninstall analysis to examine websites. It also uses the recommendations from 20 million Norton Community Watch endpoints, which rate websites based on risk. It also includes a crawler which monitors websites on the Internet in real-time.

It is simple to install. A person needs to open a browser and go to the extension manager to get started. After this, the user can choose the Norton Safe Search option from the search results.


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