Conducting Board Meetings With a Board Portal

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Board meetings are a serious responsibility that requires careful planning, a fast pace, and an acute awareness of the time spent by board members. Tools for managing board meetings like portals, can assist in this regard by making it easier to prepare agendas and materials for meetings ahead of time. This will increase the number of participants and let board members examine decisions and directives in advance.

The first step is to clearly communicate the process of making decisions to the board. By clearly stating whether your board will utilize consensus or voting methods of making decisions, everyone will know what’s expected during the meeting. This helps avoid confusion when, for example directors bring up an issue that was already discussed at a prior meeting.

After getting the old business settled after which the board shifts to the new items. It is crucial to respect other members’ rights to speak as with any discussion matter. The chair should limit one director to speak at a given time. The chair of the board must be in charge of the discussion, assuring the discussion and making sure that all board members are present.

The board decides on the new item of business and then records the results in the official meeting minutes. When a member is not satisfied with the result of the vote, they may ask to reconsider the decision or request that the issue be referred to a committee for further consideration.

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