How to Have Effective Online Meetings

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Having effective online meetings requires more than just choosing the right video conference software. It’s about creating the perfect setting, providing clear instructions and encouraging participation. Contrary to traditional meetings, virtual participants can’t read your non-verbal cues, making it harder to keep them focused and engaged. However, with some adjustments your next meeting online will be more engaging and productive than ever.

Keep the meeting brief

Meetings that are not effective tend to be long and drag on far longer than what is needed. Limit the length of your meetings to keep your team entertained and focused. A good rule of thumb is to make the length of a meeting equal to the amount of time you’ll spend discussing each agenda item.

Use Short, Simple Slides

It is important to keep your slides brief and simple to avoid distracting your attendees. People will lose interest and focus in the event you use a large amount of detail and filled with paragraphs. Instead, think of your slides as tools to help supplement and illustrate your presentation, rather than the main presentation itself.

Encourage your team members to participate in the meeting by sharing suggestions and questions ahead of time. This allows introverts to feel more at ease and allows reserved individuals to contribute. Encourage them to DM on Slack to ask any questions. This will allow everyone to voice their opinions without disrupting the meeting. It also makes it easier to review and share the notes following the meeting.

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